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Smart Home

As a certified Loxone partner, we accompany you from consulting and installation to individual configuration for your project.

Loxone is a leading supplier of smart home products headquartered in Austria.

In addition to the own Loxone components, a variety of interfaces can be integrated into the smart home, e.g.:

DALI leading standard for lighting control

leading standard in building automation

Start building for voice today by creating skills

SIEMENS, BOSCH Household Appliances

KOSTAL Mains inverter for PV systems

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Monitoring & Alarm

Alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between your home security system and the central station of your security provider. Your control panel registers an emergency event and sends a signal to the central monitoring station, where the appropriate authorities are notified and sent to your home.

rich portfolio of system solutions, reformulated

the processes using your device's camera

the camera has a variety of models to offer

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IT & Smartphone

Individual advice and procurement of the equipment at a fair price.
Initial setup and integration into existing IT landscape
Service and repair of existing equipment on site or remotely